About Polycom Phones

Their vision and strategy is to enable people to communicate anywhere and everywhere on multiple devices. They happen to be exceedingly good at this; it’s why their products are so famous and so widespread.

Why Polycom

For more than two decades they has been at the forefront of the technological innovation in business communication.

Of course, the extent of their technology is beyond the current needs of most businesses, but it’s nice to know that when we all get there, their will have perfected the technology for us.

Polycom HDX® 7000 Series

Telepresence solutions for organizations that want to bring together dispersed team members for enhanced collaboration

The Polycom® HDX® 7000 series systems provides flexible, affordable HD video conferencing for high-quality communication throughout mainstream workplace environments. Expanding the utility of visual communication quickly and easily, HDX 7000 telepresence systems are ideal for education, medical, enterprise and on-demand collaboration applications.

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The ability for people to collaborate—to work together—is mission-critical for any organization.

Project meetings. Sales meetings. Product development meetings. And beyond the enterprise, doctors meeting with patients, teachers meeting with students, government agencies meeting on crisis response and the delivery of critical services to citizens.

Polycom's HD telepresence, video, and voice collaboration solutions help millions around the world to meet wherever, whenever, to solve complex problems, generate new ideas, gain deeper understanding, offer assistance, protect the planet, and save lives.